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The TProfessional Thermocycler is inspired by the wish to simplify molecular biology research. It combines high speed cycling with ultimate ease of programming.

  • Linear gradient
  • High speed silver block
  • Large graphical display
  • Quick block exchange
  • Network capability

Programming of gradients
Easy setup of temperature gradients
Gradient steps are either defined in a graphical screen, showing the individual temperature for each row or in a linear gradient screen were temperature gradient with linear increments can be defined. Alternatively, the temperature gradient can be entered directly in the programming spread sheet.

Large display
The TProfessional User Interface incorporates Biometra's proven spreadsheet programming philosophy. Avoiding endless serial program windows, all steps of a program are entered in a single screen. This makes the creation of new or editing existing programs fast and easy. One touch leads from the spreadsheet to an alternative graphical programming mode. The TProfessional manages up to 30 individual users (optionally password protected) and features larger memory for increased program capacity.

Exchangeable block modules*
The TProfessional offers five different block modules that can be exchanged in less than 10 seconds. The 96 well and 60 well modules are available with gradient option for quick optimization of new protocols.

* TProfessional Standard with fixed block modules

High speed silver block
To achieve ultimate performance the 96 well and 60 well modules are made of silver. Due to its excellent heat conductivity silver equilibrates extremely quickly, thus providing maximum speed and temperature uniformity. To protect the valuable silver blocks against corrosion, the block surfaces are covered with a thin gold layer.

Network capability
TProfessional Thermocycler can be addressed by the TProfessional Manager Software. With versatile functions the TProfessional Manager Software offers comfortable administration of TProfessional Thermocyclers in a network.

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