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BioDocAnalyze Live

BioDocAnalyze (BDA) live is the system for professional gel documentation. A digital scientific grade camera with highly sensitive CCD sensor and a precision lens great for low-light conditions guarantees for excellent gel images.

  • Real-time image for fast and easy image acquisition
  • Extra light sensitive - F1.0 zoom lens
  • Excellent camera resolution of 1.4 million pixels for reliable analysis of even closely spaced bands
  • Perfect for quantification by extended dynamic range of 12 bit for 4096 grey scales
  • Up-do-date and rapid digital data transfer with FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface
  • Two licences of the powerful BioDocAnalyze gel analysis software included
  • Choice of compact "BDA Hood" and advanced "BDA Box"

BDA live is the dedicated system for image documentation and gel analysis of electrophoresis gels and blots stained with any of these dyes and more:

  • Ethidium bromide
  • SYBR®Green
  • Coomassie Blue
  • Silver stain

BDA live standard delivery includes a UV filter for ethidium bromide or stains with similar emission wavelength. Alternatively, BDA live is available with a UV filter with wide bandpass for the use of different fluorescent stains. It is optimal to apply this with a UVstar plus transilluminator which features a Super Brilliant filter. These systems are called "BDA live plus".

The included BDA analysis software is a highly efficient and intuitive software for analysis of gels and blots. The automatic calculation of size/molecular weight, mass or RF values is done seconds. An upgrade module for similarity analysis of gels is available.

Depending on space and budget it´s possible to define an individual system. Even the cost-effective "BDA live compact" with "BDA Hood" includes full functionality of all software features. It is possible to upgrade "BDA live compact" later with the advanced darkhood BDA Box with slide-out transilluminator and filter-wheel.