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Model H4 Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Apparatus

Designed for the separation of nucleic acids in submerged 20 x 25 cm agarose gels

  • Removable UV-transparent gel tray aids in staining and photography
  • Red well visualization strips aid in sample loading

Model H4 represents the simplified basic version of Horizon® 20.25.    Note: H4 is only available for the US market (not CE certified)!

Model H4 offers with 20 x 25 cm the longest separation distance of all agarose gels. 

The removable UV-transparent gel tray and the red well visualisation strips aids in sample loading. The safety lid with atached power cords prevents an electrical connection from being made until the lid is properly in place.

The Horizon® 20.25 Gel Casting System is a stand-alone system for casting 20 x 25 cm agarose gels that can range in thickness from 3 to 10 mm. The Blot Transfer Apparatus 20.25 is designed for consistent capillary transfer of 20 x 25 cm gels and makes the system complete.