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BioDocAnalyze (BDA) Software

Basal upgrade 2011!

  • Intuitive interface for use without detailed training
  • Automated, fast analysis
  • Self-explanatory icons for direct access to all main functions
  • Reliable quantitation
  • Data export to Excel

The BioDocAnalyze software is included in both BioDocAnalyze gel documentation systems BDAdigital and BDA live. It is also possible to acquire it separately for 1D gel analysis of images in tif, jpg or bmp file format.

Image Acquisition Software
The software features image acquisition windows specifically designed for the camera types of the BDA documentation systems. This ensures an optimal user interface for an easy and fast image acquisition.

Gel Analysis Software
The well-known BioDocAnalyze software now comes with a basal upgrade of its tools and functions. For maximum information images are processed in 16 bit format.
The software allows an analysis of 1D electrophoresis gels and blots in seconds with automatic lane and band detection. If desired the detection can also be done in semi-automatic mode. Self-explanatory icons for all main functions allow a quick gel analysis. Detected bands are completely encircled in their boundaries thus allowing a direct control of detected areas. Even distorted gels are no problem for an accurate size calculation of fragments. The simultaneous display of intensity profiles of lanes provides an insight into the separation quality of the gel run. Results of size, mass or RF calculations can be shown directly on the gel or in a result table. Normalisation of data and export to Microsoft® Excel are possible.
Overlay and merging of gels and frames allow easy comparison of sample separation. A wide range of image editing tools facilitate an individual image documentation.  

Similarity Analysis Module
The BioDocAnalyze software can additionally be upgraded to similarity analysis of gels previously analyzed with the BDA analysis software. Tree dendrograms with UPGMA and neighbourhood joining method are constructed with one mouse-click as well as similiarity matrices or 0/1 matrices.