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Tankblot Eco-Mini

Modular system for high quality wet-blotting of mini gels.

  • Simultaneous blotting of up to four mini gels
  • 4 separate Blotting Cassettes for single gels
  • Buffer tank with integrated cooling base

Tankblot Eco-Mini provides wire electrodes, placed in optimised configuration to guarantee uniform, reproducible protein transfer over a wide molecular weight range. The buffer tank EBC with built-in cooling base absorbs heat generated during rapid transfers and allows temperature controlled runs. A stir bar may be added to the buffer tank to further improve buffer  circulation and heat exchange.

The Blot Module accepts up to 4 gels with a maximum gel size of 9.2 cm x 9.5 cm. Each gel is placed in a separate Blotting Cassette.
To prepare a blotting sandwich, gel and blotting membrane are fixed in a Blotting Cassette between filter paper and fiber pads. After assembling the Blotting Cassettes are dropped into the Blot Module.

The colour-coded Blotting Cassettes in combination with the colour-coded connectors for the safety lid ensure accurate orientation of the blotting sandwich during the transfer.

Locator slots which are built into the buffer tank offer easy and quick sliding of the Blot Module into locked position.
The buffer tank EB and EBC is additionally compatible with the Electrophoresis Module (Gel Module) of the Eco-Mini.

To configure systems related to special customer requirements all necessary accessories are available separately.